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  1. Are wholesale orders available?
    We only accept wholesale orders. There is no minimum order required, however to take advantage of the best shipping rates, larger size orders will reduce the shipping price per item. To obtain our current wholesale prices, please send us an email with your details.

  2. What are your payment terms?
    Our standard terms would be a 30% deposit when the order is placed, and then the remaining balance when the order is complete and ready for shipping. (Payment can either be made directly through our web site, or via wire transfer).

  3. Do you have a showroom?
    Our showroom is in Bali, Indonesia. If you are visiting Bali we invite you to visit the village of Belega, where we are located. Because we do not have a showroom outside of Bali, we provide multiple photos of our products on the web site. We will also send you a photo of each product in your order to ensure that it meets your needs before we ship.

  4. How long will my order take before it is delivered?
    From receipt of your order, production time is approximately three to four weeks.

  5. Are custom orders accepted?
    Yes. Want to make the headboard higher, of the sofa a little be shorter? We welcome custom orders. All sizes listed for each product description are our standard size. Because each item is made to order it is not a problem to change the size for your specific needs. We can also modify the design of our products to suit your needs, such as using either bamboo or rattan for end-caps of the furniture, or changing the size of the product. Just let us know if you have any specific request on the order form. In most cases, there should be no additional cost. Additionally, if you have your own design, please e-mail your idea, and we can work with you to make it happen

  6. How big are the pieces of bamboo that is used in the furniture?
    The bamboo used by Bali Bamboo Creations is classified as Small (1.2 to 2 inches in diameter), Medium (2.4 to 3 inches in diameter) or Large (3.5 to 5 inches in diameter).

  7. What is the difference between split and bamboo strips that are listed in the product descriptions?
    Split bamboo are small vertical pieces of bamboo that are connected using rattan threading. Bamboo strips are larger sections of bamboo that are pieces next to each other for some of the tops and sides of the products.

  8. Do you use metal drawer rails and how do you line the inside of drawers?
    To ensure smooth movement, metal rails are used on all of the drawers. We also line all the insides of drawers with a beautiful bamboo weaving.

  9. What about the risk that the bamboo furniture will crack?
    To minimize the risk of the bamboo cracking, we kiln oven dry all bamboo before it is handcrafted into your furniture. This process reduces the moisture content to approximately twelve percent, which is ideal for drier climates.

  10. How do you make sure that there is no insect infestation in the Bamboo?
    The kiln oven drying process that is used to minimize potential bamboo cracking also kills all bugs. A fumigation process is also performed.

  11. Is your outdoor fabric waterproof?
    Our outdoor fabric resists staining from rain.

  12. Will the furniture scratch my floor?
    To protect your floors, we attach a thin rubber pad to the underside of each bamboo leg.

  13. Does your furniture come assembled?
    Almost all of the bamboo furniture comes fully assembled. Products, such as beds, are shipped knockdown. (All knockdown items are noted in the product description). Assembly for these products is not difficult. To see an example of the process, please see the Assembly instructions for our Lovina Bed

  14. Can you provide a sample of the bamboo?
    We will be happy to send you a set of sample swatches of our stained bamboo. As bamboo is a natural product, the final furniture might vary slightly from the sample. Please note that the swatches will be delivered from Massachusetts, and will take approximately one week for delivery.

  15. Do your beds use a mattress and box spring or mattress only?
    All of our beds include a split bamboo mattress support system, and thus are designed to work best with only a mattress. For extra thick mattresses, our Ubud bed and Raja bed have extra deep insets for the mattress. All other styles of beds can be designed as well for an extra thick mattress.

  16. Will my bamboo furniture look just like the photos on the web site?
    Due to the inherent natural variations of bamboo, there might be small differences between the product photos on the web site and your product. To insure that you are satisfied with your furniture, we will email you photos of the order for your approval before it is shipped.

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